in the Pollino National Park

Our challenging treks offer unique views and emotions but are suitable for trained people and

accustomed to walking on trails sometimes rough  and with significant differences in height.

Sentiero dell'Annanza Parco Nazionale del Pollino

The “Annanza” path 

Our excursion starts from Cerchiara di Calabria, an enchanting mountain village. This path is known as the “Annanza” path which means “overlooking” because by walking it you can enjoy a  wonderful view of both the perched village and the plain of Sibari. This path was used in ancient times by pilgrims to reach the Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Armi. The place is full of  suggestion and spirituality. After following an ancient mule track we reach Piano Pedarredo with its panoramic view that ovelooks the plain of Sibari. We continue passing the Sant’Andrea valley until we reach the evocative Sanctuary. Before a relaxing break we visit this ancient Sanctuary (XV-XVI century), a significant testimony of Renaissance art. Its construction – according to tradition – began in 1440. It is said that in one of these caves, the image of the Blessed Virgin of Arms was found (from the Greek tòn armòn – “of the cave”) from which the Sanctuary takes its name and some Byzantine tablets, among the oldest ever found.

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Cerchiara di Calabria ( Pollino National Park)
8 km round trip
380 mt
6 hrs about
E E ( Challenging)
Parco Nazionale del Pollino

Monte  Manfriana ( 1981 m. a.s.l.)

This excursion is one of the most emotioning  but also one of the most challenging of the Pollino National Park. We will start from Colle Marcione (1230 m. a.s.l.). The route starts uphill until you reach Piano di Ratto Piccolo. We continue along the ridge to Passo del Colle della Scala. As we go forward the climb becomes steeper. Once at the ridge we will continue towards the “Passo del Principe” , after a while  we will notice some rests of an ancient cableway used in the last century to transport timber downstream. The final part of the route is the most challenging one being exposed at times and with the presence of large stones. Once at the top we will be rewarded with the satisfaction of having reached one of a higher picks in the Park and having observed unique naturalistic views.

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Civita ( Pollino National Park, Calabria)
15 km round trip
746 mt
7 hrs about
E E ( Challenging)