In the Pollino National Park

Easy treks are pleasant walks suitable for everyone in wonderful naturalistic contexts.

Walk in the Fagosa wood, from Colle Marcione (1227 m. a.s.l.) to the Fontana del Principe (1317 m. a.s.l).

Parco Nazionale del Pollino

This pleasent walk takes place through one of the widest beech forest in the Pollino National Park. To reach the starting point of the path we drive for abouth 12km departing from Civita. The trail starts from Colle Marcione (1227 m. a.s.l. ) with a slight uphill gradient. After about half an hour we reach Piano Ratto ( 1400 m. a.s.l.). We continue through the path surrounded by a majestic beech forest until we reach the Price’s fountain. This route will also give us the opportunity to to enjoy a unique view of the imposing Timpa di San Lorenzo.

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Civita ( Pollino National Park, Calabria)
8 km
190 mt
3 hrs about
T ( suitable for everyone)

From Piano Ruggio to the Belvedere del Malvento ( 1575 m a.s.l.)

Ciclamino Parco Nazionale del Pollino

Walk in nature suitable for everyone. It starts from Piano Ruggio (1550 m. a.s.l) located in the heart of the Pollino National Park between Calabria and Basilicata. We will walk thorugh beautiful  landscapes characterized by green pastures and wooded mountains. The route proceeds through a path completely immersed in a wonderful centenary beech forest. We will  admire, according to the seasons, daffodils, gentians, thistles and often even traces of animals. We will listen, while walking, to the sounds of the inhabitants of the Park such as kestrels, buzzards, woodpeckers, crows. At the end of the path we reach the panoramic terrace of the Belvedere del Malvento from which it is possible to admire, not far away, some specimens of Pino Loricato, symbol of the Park itself.

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Viggianello (  Pollino National Park. Basilicata )
2 km round trip
40 mt
2,5 hrs about
T ( Suitable for everyone)

From the Mater Chiesa to the Devil’s bridge – Civita

(Currently not viable because under maintenance)

This evocative walk starts from the historic center of Civita, a pretty and ancient Arbëreshe village. The village is steeped in history, traditions and Mediterranean nature. Our journey begins right among the suggestive alleys in search of the characteristic Kodra houses and chimneys. We proceed towards the hostel until we reach a wonderful panoramic terrace overlooking the majestic Timpa del Demanio and the Raganello Gorges. A unique naturalistic show that thrills anyone! We will have the opportunity to closely observe the rocky wall of the tymp with its wonderful pink and white stratifications. After a short stop to enjoy this beauty, we begin the descent along the 615 steps that lead us to the Devil’s Bridge.

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Civita (Pollino National Park, Calabria)