Excursions, Trekking and Activities in the Pollino National Park

rediscover with us the beauty of nature and of small ancient villages

Do you like hiking or simply walking in nature?

Walk with us to discover the Pollino National Park and its small enchanting villages. We will discover together wonderful and rare endemic plants. We will taste genuine food produced by small local farms and enjoy breathtaking views ranging from the Ionian Sea to the Tyrrhenian Sea. The park, located between Calabria and Basilicata, is considered one of the largest protected areas in Europe. Its symbol is the Loricato Pine, the very rare and wonderful tree considered a living fossil. The extraordinary nature of the Pollino National Park is also due to the variety of landscapes: dolomite rocks, suggestive and deep gorges, karst caves, majestic pediments, lush plateaus and meadows. It boasts among the highest peaks in southern Italy: Serra Dolcedorme, (2267 mt), Monte Pollino, (2248 mt), Serra del Prete, (2181 mt), Serra del Ciavole, (2127 mt) and Serra di Crispo, (2053 mt).

Choose the most suitable path or trekking for you, your friends or your family: