in the Pollino National Park

Excursions not particularly difficult but suitable for those who have a good workout

Santuario della Madonna delle Armi, Cerchiara di Calabria

From the Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Armi to the  Mount Sellaro ( 1438 m. slm.) 

Half day guided excursion through one  of the most scenic areas of the eastern part of the Pollino National Park in Calabria. The route starts from the “Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Armi” an ancient monastery of the 1400s built on a rocky wall at 1015 meters high. We will walk to the top of Mount Sellaro from which it is possible to admire fabulous views of the Ionian Sea on one side and the Pollino chain on the other. We take a relaxing break at the top before descending. This trek is steeped in natural beauty and spirituality. The guide will tell you about the evocative history and peculiarities of these places while taking care of you along the way.
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Cerchiara di Calabria (Pollino National Park, Calabria)
5 km round trip
400 mt
4 hrs about
E ( Medium )
Bosco di Santa Venere. Parco Nazionale del Pollino

Santa venere’s Wood and Demanio’s Timpa  ( 855 m. slm.)

This half day trek will allow us to explore an area of the Pollino National Park with a splendid view of the “Gole del Raganello” and the ancient pretty village of Civita. We will cross a path immersed in the holm oak wood of Santa Venere. A pleasant walk takes us to a terrace overlooking a unique and wild view of the Gorges. We will walk through a path surrounded by typical Mediterranean vegetation. This itinerary is particularly suggestive also for the high possibility of seeing majestic birds of prey in flight. At the end of the path you continue to to the top of the “Timpa del Demanio” which dominates the Ionian coast, the plain of Sibari and the enchanting village of Civita with the wonderful spectacle of the majestic mountains of the Pollino National Park.

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Civita ( Pollino National Park, Calabria)
4 km roundtrip
100 mt
2 hours about
T/E ( Easy- Medium)
Parco Nazionale del Pollino

The Garden of Gods, discovering the wonderful Loricati Pines ( Serra di Crispo 2053 m. s.l.m.) 

This trekking itinerary in the Pollino National Park is considered one of the most fascinating . We will have the chance to admire closely many spieces of Loricati Pines, among the oldest in the entire Park. The Loricati Pines are of extreme naturalistic importance and many of them reach  hundreds of years. Of Balkan origin, it is present in Italy exclusively on the Calabrian-Lucan Apennines which falls precisely within the Park. A recent carbon study revealed the presence of a Loricato pine considered one of the oldest (1200 years) on the Calabrian side of the Pollino Park. For this excursion we will start from Colle dell ‘Impiso (1554 m. S.l.m) crossing beautiful naturalistic landscapes. After a brief stop at the Piani di Pollino we continue until we reach the Garden of the Gods, a truly evocative and enchanted place.  While not involving difficult passages, we reccomend this challenging trek to those who have a good workout.

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  Rotonda ( Pollino National Park, Basilicata)
16 km roundtrip
500 mt
8 hrs about
E ( Medium)
Pollino National Park

The “Piccole Dolomiti” of Frascineto  ( 900 m. s.l.m.) 

This trek will allow us to observe amazing geological conformations and enjoy a breathtaking view of the Piana di Sibari and the Coscile Valley. We will walk through an ancient mule track used in ancient times by farmers to reach pastures and crops.The outward route is constantly uphill and at times bumpy and stony but it really offers wonderful geological landscapes. We will note rocks with their strange shapes at times with human features such as the suggestive monolith called “Skandemberg” recalling the features of the ancient Albanian hero with the classic helmet. The barren landscape will give us a typically Mediterranean nature such as brooms, aromatic herbs, euphorbias and in the spring period also several species of beautiful orchids.

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  Frascineto ( Pollino National Park, Calabria)
6 km roundtrip
480 mt
6 hrs about
E ( Medium)