Project Description

5 days e 4 nights /trekking and naturalistic itinerary

Discovering the Garden of Gods and the Timpe in the Pollino National Park- Calabria and Basilicata


5 days and 4 nights

Itinerary of great naturalistic and landscape value of rare beauty. We walk through some areas in the Pollino National Park, declared a Unesco Geopark, which show the great variety of landscapes: on the one hand, wonderful plateaus of meadows present at high altitude where we are thrilled by the majesty of ancient specimens of loricato pine that withstand the impetuous winds  of the cold winter; on the other side dolomitic rocks, gables of volcanic origin, deep gorges and wild nature.

Day by Day Program

Day 1. Rotonda , Pollino National Park ( Basilicata )

We meet in Rotonda, a small traditional village in the heart of the Pollino Park. Here, depending on the period, we stay in the welcoming hotel spread out in the historic center or in a lovely mountain refuge surrounded by the pristine nature of the Park. For dinner we taste the typical Lucanian dishes.

Day 2. The Garden of the Gods ( Pollino National Park)

After breakfast we reach Colle dell’Impiso, at 1554 m. s.l.m, from which our hiking day begins. The itinerary winds through dense woods, clearings and mountain landscapes of rare beauty. We walk along an easy path that leads us to the “Piani di Vacquarro” and cross the “Piani del Pollino”. After a short stop we continue until we reach the “Giardino Degli Dei”, a truly evocative and enchanted place. Here we enjoy our packed lunch surrounded by an unrivaled natural landscape, an area where the greatest number of Loricati Pines are concentrated. This rather demanding trek, while not involving difficult passages, is reccomended to those who have a good workout. After having covered the path of return and before proceeding to Civita we stop at a structure built entirely with wooden logs where we  taste our herbal tea from the Pollino accompanied by the traditional “Bocconotto” ( cake) of Mormanno in an innovative and comfortable environment. Once in Civita, our welcoming B & Bs await us in the historic center. Civita is counted among the most beautiful villages in Italy perched in front of a rocky ridge that falls overhanging the Raganello gorges. Free evening.

Distance  16 km a/r  –  Duration 8 hours about a/r –  Level: E ( Escursionistic, medium difficulty )

Day 3.  Santa Venere Wood and Timpa of the Demanio 855 m. s.l.m.  ( Pollino National Park)

After breakfast we reach Colle dell’Impiso, at 1554 m. s.l.m, from which our trekking route begins. The itinerary winds through dense woods, clearings and mountain landscapes of rare beauty. We walk along an easy path that takes us to the Piani di Vacquarro and cross the Piani del Giorno 3. Bosco di Santa Venere and Timpa del Demanio 855 m. s.l.m. (Pollino National Park)

After breakfast we reach the starting point of our suggestive naturalistic excursion today considered among the most panoramic in the Pollino National Park. We walk along a path immersed in the holm oak wood of Santa Venere. We come to a natural terrace that allows us to enjoy a unique view of the Raganello Gorges. We continue on the path that follows the mountain ridge among woods of oaks, junipers, brooms, thyme and other plants typical of the Mediterranean scrub.

This area is also considered a very interesting place for birdwatchers as it is not uncommon to see kites, buzzards and kestrels circling in the sky.

At the end of the path, we reach the top of the “Timpa del Demanio” from which it is possible to enjoy a breathtaking view. We eat our packed lunch based on local products with a wonderful view of the plain of Sibari, the Ionian coast on one side and the charming village of Civita with the majestic mountains of the Pollino National Park on the other.

After this exciting excursion we dedicate the afternoon to taste. We visit a winery run by young guys who have decided to resume the cultivation of ancient native vines by producing excellent quality wine. Calabrian pizza awaits us for dinner!

Distance 4 km a/r –  Duration: 2 hours about – Level T/E ( Touristic/ Excursionistic – Easy/ Medium )

Day 4: Timpa di S. Lorenzo (1.652 m. Slm.), one of the most impressive and wild gables in Southern Italy.

After breakfast we reach the characteristic village of San Lorenzo Bellizzi where dairy products and cured meats with an ancient and genuine flavor are still produced. We continue towards a place called S.Anna from which our excursion starts. The “Timpa” that we are going to explore today is called “Timpa di San Lorenzo”, considered among the wildest and most impressive mountains in Southern Italy whose overhanging walls up to 800 meters high overlook the Raganello Gorges.

We follow an easy path and continue through a rocky path sloping towards the north-west. We reach the highest point from which you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Pollino Massif, Mount Sellaro and the Ionian Sea. Before resuming the path of return we enjoy a relaxing break surrounded by a unique landscape and enjoy our packed lunch based on genuine local products, we return to our welcoming village for a relaxing dinner in a family-run restaurant that delights our palates with traditional dishes using raw materials of the highest quality.

Duration : 4 hours about ( a/r)  – Level: E ( Excursionistic – Medium)


We reserve the right to make any changes

  • 3 nights with breakfast in b & b in the historic center of a town with Arbëreshë traditions
  • 1 overnight stay in b & b in a mountain refuge or widespread hotel
  • 3 guided excursions in the Pollino National Park with an environmental hiking guide
  • 1 packed lunch in nature with genuine local products
  • 3 dinners, one of which with Calabrese Pizza
  • 1 herbal tea from Pollino with typical “Bocconotto” ( traditional cake )  from Mormanno
  • 1 visit with wine tasting at a winery
  • Il Viaggio da / per la Calabria
  • Supplemento singola
  • Tassa di soggiorno ( dove applicata)
  • Mance ed extra
  • Bevande ai pasti
  • Eventuali assicurazioni o polizze di annullamento
  • Spese personali
  • Tutto ciò che non è specificato ne “ Il Pacchetto include”
  • Il mezzo per gli spostamenti come da programma ( a richiesta quotazione a parte )

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Calabria- Basilicata
5 days / 4 nights
Level: Easy/ Medium
Trekking / Naturalistic Itineray
Minimum partecipants 8 – Max partecipants 15
Period April – May – June – September – October

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